Ardel Hackman

FCS Financial—Inducted in 2010

Ardel Hackman epitomizes the purpose of the Heritage Award.  Through his 44-year career as Chief Financial Officer, Ardel was instrumental in the development and evolution of what today is known as FCS Financial.  Due to his commitment, untiring hours and innovations, the organization remains a strong and reliable source of credit to Missouri farmers. 


Ardel established the benchmark of quality financial reporting for the Farm Credit System.  He began with accounting on ledger cards and transitioned the organization to increasingly sophisticated bank management information systems.  His ability to discern and analyze critical financial information provided insights that were instrumental in developing accounting innovations that remain vital components of today's performance measurements. 


Ardel's willingness to embrace and perfect innovations was evident as one of the first to work with the Missouri Treasurer's Office when the Linked Deposit Program was introduced.  Many other lenders shied away due to the administrative burdens.  Ardel recognized the opportunities for farmers to receive lower interest rates.  Thanks to Ardel, FCS Financial continues to be the primary user of these programs. 


Ardel's value as a mentor and educator is exemplary. One colleague describes Ardel as an encourager by nature and willing to teach cooperative principles to help young colleagues new to the Farm Credit System develop confidence and ability to work with other financial leaders.  For many years Ardel assisted the University of Missouri agricultural economics graduate programs by serving as a "living laboratory" for students to apply classroom theory in the real world environment of a financial cooperative. 


Ardel excels from a work-ethic standpoint,  "He has to be the hardest working man in Farm Credit."  He is always dependable and available no matter the hour of the day or night.  In fact, Ardel continued working for FCS even after he 'retired'." 


Ardel displayed both a quiet professionalism and a fraternal camaraderie that occurs too rarely in the workplace.  He was instrumental in providing financial disclosure programs that provided the cooperative directors a true picture of the organization's financial condition and profitability.  He was a skilled architect at creating win-win situations, with a focus on how to create value for members, while also striving to enhance the bottom line for FCS. 


Ardel is a leader in both words and deeds for promoting the cooperative form of enterprise.  By example he showed that when the cooperative succeeds, we all succeed.  


outstanding mentor and educator, an encourager by nature, legendary work ethic, innovative and keen analytical insights, and unwavering dedication to cooperation