Benjamin "Benny" D. Farrell

MFA Oil Company— Inducted in 2019

Whether serving as a delegate, director or the chairman of the board, Benny Farrell has proven to be a remarkable farmer-leader for MFA Oil and a strong advocate for its member-owners. His involvement started when he became a delegate for MFA Incorporated in 1962 and for MFA Oil in 1968. Throughout nearly six decades, Benny relished the opportunity to work on behalf of fellow farmers. Benny holds the distinction of being one of only two people to serve on the MFA Oil Company and the MFA Incorporated boards at the same time, giving him an integral part in the transition process as the two organizations separated into independent companies.


Benny played an essential role in shaping the direction of MFA Oil Company. Elected to the MFA Oil board in 1991 and as chairman from 1997-2018, Benny guided the cooperative towards stronger financial results and impressive business growth. His support was instrumental to expansion of MFA Oil's propane operations and the diversification strategy toward non-member business. Benny has a keen understanding of the role of non-member revenue to sustain the business for the long term and keep it well positioned to serve farmer members.


Benny was at the top of his game during meetings, but he also understood that it often takes efforts outside the board room to make progress. He worked tirelessly to deliver value to members.


A fifth-generation farmer, Benny has always been a champion of the small farmer. His top priority was putting members and customers first. He was not bashful in expressing his beliefs - "do what is best for farmer members" was powerful philosophy. Under Benny's leadership, MFA Oil prospered while paying back hundreds of millions of dollars in patronage to members.



Unwavering champion of farmer members, unshakeable integrity, trustworthy commitment to cooperative principles