B.L. "Bud" Frew

MFA Incorporated - Inducted in 2005

Work hard, be fiscally responsible and do the right thing.  This straightforward formula for success became Bud Frew's enduring legacy to the members and employees of MFA.  Bud Frew joined MFA in 1970 as Director of Operations, after working for ten years for FS Services (GROWMARK, Inc.).  Frew served in a variety of leadership positions at MFA and was named President and CEO in 1985, a position he held until his retirement in 1998. 


Although one person does not ensure the success of a business, Bud did everything within his power to ensure the success of MFA Incorporated.  He worked tirelessly to build teamwork, to build MFA's reputation for honesty, integrity and fiscal responsibility.  He inherited the reins of the cooperative in the midst of the agricultural crisis of the 1980's.  Bud refocused a cooperative teetering on the brink of fiscal disaster and showed everyone the vision of a strong future built on sound business practices.


principled leadership, unwavering strength of character, and tireless dedication to member services, employee development