Beverly (Bev) Twellman

MFA Oil Company - Inducted in 2017

Beverly Twellman worked closely with MFA Oil’s presidents, members of the board of the directors and other company executives in her position as corporate secretary, secretary to the board and bond coordinator. Throughout her 44-year career, she provided vital support to MFA Oil’s leadership team and board members while maintaining excellent records of the company’s meetings and bylaws. Her vast institutional knowledge provided insight and contributed significantly to the leadership team.


Known for her incredible integrity, dependability and organizational prowess, Bev embodied all of the hallmarks of an exceptional cooperative employee. Bev brought an honest and hardworking approach to her work that served the company well.


In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Bev managed all activities and transactions of investment bonds issued by the company. She also coordinated MFA Oil’s scholarships awarded through the MFA Foundation and grants made through the MFA Oil Foundation.


Bev’s outstanding professionalism and dedication to the company were obvious to anyone who worked with her. Her depth of understanding of the cooperative and its mission made her an invaluable asset to all MFA Oil stakeholders.



Unwavering dedication to cooperative principles; invaluable institutional knowledge; integrity; and 44 years of exceptional service