J. Chris Cariker

KAMO Power and Associated Electric Cooperative - Inducted in 2018


Chris Cariker has been a valuable part of the rural electric cooperative program since 1978. Chris has consistently provided a strong vision for what is best for rural electric cooperatives and shown a sincere desire to learn, listen to others and be open to new ideas.


As Executive Vice President and CEO of KAMO Power, Chris leads the largest transmission cooperative in the Associated Electric Cooperative system, providing power to 17 member cooperatives that in turn serve 313,455 members. KAMO serves a broad and diverse area with many different needs and challenges. Under Chris's guidance, KAMO has been exceptionally responsive in fulfilling the needs of member cooperatives. His leadership improved reliability of the electric cooperative transmission network.


KAMO serves members in both Missouri and Oklahoma. Although Chris resides in Oklahoma, he is heavily involved with the eight member cooperatives in Missouri. He is often in Missouri cooperative offices to lend support or assistance. He is always willing to attend meetings to inform Missouri legislators—in a cooperative office, a local restaurant or on a cold, snowy morning at the Capitol in Jefferson City.


Chris is a member of the board of directors of Associated Electric Cooperative, where he serves as chair of the Technical Advisory Committee. His fellow AECI board members value his common-sense approach. He is known for his "Sunday morning paper test"…if you wouldn't want your members to read in the Sunday paper about a decision you've made or an action you've taken, then something is wrong! Chris works to make sure every voice is heard. He is guided by the true cooperative approach of one-member, one-vote in the boardroom and considers the long-term interest of the consumer at the end of the line.


Chris asks insightful questions to gain understanding of present and future challenges. He has always shown great appreciation for differing viewpoints and works to understand all dimensions of the topic at hand. He has been at the board table for many difficult decisions such as investing in wind energy or increasing reliance on natural gas. Through it all, he has helped Associated Electric retain its place as one of the lowest cost providers of wholesale power.


Chris believes electric cooperatives have a noble mission that distinguishes them from other utilities. His devotion to duty and commitment to cooperatives has contributed in countless ways to building the history and preserving the heritage of the cooperative principles and ideals. Chris Cariker is genuinely "co-op" through and through.



Stalwart cooperative champion, guided by common sense, noble purpose and unwavering commitment to members