David Minnick

Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers - Inducted in 2009

Elected to the board in 1990, David Minnick served as board chair of the Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers since 2000.  Fellow board members praise Dave's leadership, particularly a special ability to encourage all directors to speak their opinions and to be involved in the discussion.


During Dave's tenure, Ray Carroll upgraded facilities and services.  This includes expanded and improved grain handling and loading facilities, a restructured refined fuel business and investment in bio-fuels.  The cooperative continues to increase sales, profits and distributions to its members.   As President, David oversees the cooperative to ensure it is responsive to members, fiscally sound and positioned to meet changing market conditions. 


Dave listens receptively to management suggestions, always anticipates growth and looks forward to the next new project; but he also draws on keen business skills to ensure the cooperative is financially well positioned to embrace future opportunities.  His goal is a cooperative that is ready to compete in a competitive environment.


exemplary leadership, vision, investment for the future, progressive outlook, and dedicated service to the cooperative system