Douglas D. Sims

CoBank - Inducted in 2007

Doug Sims began his cooperative career in Missouri with the St. Louis Bank for Cooperatives.  During nearly forty years of cooperative leadership, his passion was to build cooperatives that offer a "value proposition" for the members.  His unique perspective and insight provided the opportunity to work on a macro level to strengthen the cooperative form of enterprise as well as to encourage cooperative leaders to embrace change.  


During the farm crisis of the 1980s, Doug was instrumental in crafting the legislation that enabled the Farm Credit System to recapitalize and survive.  His leadership and effective communications with Congress made the Farm Credit Act of 1987 possible.  


Doug gave generously in voluntary leadership positions including as chair of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, the Graduate Institute of Cooperative Leadership (GICL), and Farm House. An ardent supporter of young leaders, Sims believed in forming strong partnerships with universities.  His advocacy for cooperative education for both board and management is unrivalled.  It is fitting that a fund for rural leadership has been endowed in his name.


exemplary leadership, unparalleled commitment to cooperative education, and extraordinary vision