Daniel L. Strode

Ralls County Electric Cooperative - Inducted in 2013


Dan Strode, CEO and general manager of Ralls County Rural Electric Cooperative, never hesitates to embark on new endeavors even when it requires countless hours of extra work from him.  Dan takes on challenges through uncharted waters and promotes progressive ideas, no matter the critics and naysayers.  He accepts personal risks as a leader in order to expand economic opportunities for rural America. Dan is a leader in finding new ways for the cooperative enterprise to bring additional benefits to the member-owners. 


In conjunction with Ralls County Electric Cooperative Board, Dan launched a $21 million Fiber-to-the-Home network to bring high speed internet to rural communities (a first-of-its-kind project), leading the way to develop a long-range strategic plan for rural Missouri.  It is serving as a demonstration project for both private and cooperative businesses in Missouri and beyond. Dan recognized the lack of available internet connectivity as one of the most pressing issues holding back progress for rural people. Both the cooperative and its members found a need for high-speed connection that could not be met by current providers.  The lack of density in the service area was one of the primary factors – similar to why pioneers of the cooperative banded together decades earlier to gain area coverage for electricity. Dan’s goal is to make access to the internet available to every family, school, business and public institution.


In addition, Dan worked with the Ralls County Electric Cooperative Board to secure financing to construct a new community building to house Ralls County 911 and for construction of the new Hannibal Campus of Moberly Area Community College.


Dan has shown his cooperative leadership in many ways, including serving as president of the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives, as a member of the AMEC’s Training and Development Committee, and a member of the Executive Committee. He also chairs Missouri’s Action Committee for Rural Electrification where he diligently works to encourage grassroots activity so cooperative interests are protected in Congress.


In many ways, Dan is the moral compass of Missouri’s electric cooperatives, ensuring we never forget the person at the end of the line. His mission in life extends beyond managing the cooperative – he truly wants to make his community a better place to live. Dan is an avid supporter of United Way and Relay for Life for American Cancer Society. He is a member and past president of New London’s Lion’s Club.  In 2012 he received the Quality of Life “High Impact” Award by the Northeast Missouri Economic Development Council and is the recipient of two resolutions from the Missouri General Assembly to honor his exemplary citizenship as a community leader.


Dan’s distinguished service is founded in his commitment to cooperative principles and in his fundamental, unwavering goal to bring rural Missourians the same technology access as available in cities.



visionary leadership; willingness to take risks; unwavering dedication to enhance the quality of life for rural Missourians; and 30-plus years of exemplary service to cooperatives