Eugene Murphy

Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers and MFA Incorporated - Inducted in 2006

Gene Murphy started his career working for a cooperative and loved it!  Gene worked for MFA Incorporated for 25 years.  His passion for cooperatives grew.  It was a passion he was eager to pass on.  As general manager, Gene fostered the development of the next generation of leaders. He served as a mentor to his employees and to new managers of other local cooperatives as well.


When Gene became general manager of Ray Carroll in 1972, it was in a severely weakened financial position, "nearly bankrupt". Gene's leadership and sound business practices not only returned the cooperative to profitability, but by the time he retired the cooperative had an excess of $8 million in working capital for future expansion. Ray Carroll's continued success is built on the foundation Gene provided. He instilled a business-oriented approach and surrounded himself with talented employees. Providing economic benefits to members was always the top priority.


Gene's cooperative leadership was recognized with a Dreyer Award in 1980. Gene served for sixteen years on the board of the Missouri Institute of Cooperatives and six years on the board of Farmland Industries.


exemplary leadership and fostering a passion for cooperatives in the next generation of managers