Floyd Ouderkirk

MFA Oil Company — Inducted in 2020

Floyd Ouderkirk was a leader for MFA Oil Company for 32 years. Known for his integrity, cooperative attitude, strong relationships and industry knowledge, Floyd made lasting contributions to MFA Oil and Missouri cooperatives. Floyd served as a mentor and role model. His outstanding technical expertise made him a go-to resource for safety-related questions.


Floyd became part of the cooperative movement when MFA Oil Company acquired his former employer in 1986. He soon came to believe in the cooperative business model.


As district manager for 20 years, his district was one of the top-performing regions and experienced significant growth. Floyd had a talent for building relationships with the members-owners and customers — he enjoyed sharing the value of co-op membership.


Floyd was instrumental in developing policies MFA Oil uses still today to ensure propane systems are installed safely and correctly. In fact, a form MFA Oil used during safety checks for many years was called the JOT. The O stood for Ouderkirk because he was one of the key employees responsible for its creation.


Floyd represented MFA Oil on the Missouri Institute of Cooperatives board from 2004 to 2019, including a term as President. Floyd rarely missed a board meeting and was instrumental in strengthening member support of MIC. Floyd also served for 10 years on the Board of Directors for the MFA Oil Foundation. Floyd's willingness to give generously of his time in voluntary leadership roles reflects his commitment to his cooperative and community.



Mentor and role model, passionate about cooperative business, dedicated volunteer leader