Frank Stork

Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives - Inducted in 2005

Missouri's Frank Stork sets the national standard in excellence for rural electric cooperatives.  During his 40-year professional career, Frank's vision and work ethic attracted 100% participation in the association from all of the 40 distribution systems and 6 generation and transmission systems in Missouri -- a record that is unrivaled by a single association in any other state. 


Frank joined the staff of Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives in 1972, and served as the general manager from 1976 until his retirement in 2004.  He initiated a program called Grassroots 3000 that allows the voice of the people to be heard in the state capitol and in Washington, D.C.  He also led the effort to install Weather Alert warning transmitters on electric co-op radio towers, which resulted in Missouri being the first state in the nation to provide 100% severe weather warning coverage for its citizens.  Frank was also a founding member of the Missouri Electric Cooperative Employees Credit Union, which now serves almost 6,000 members.  He was named CEO Communicator of the Year by the Cooperative Communicators Association in 1995.


visionary leadership, a true believer in the cooperative form of business, and tireless service that set Missouri electric cooperatives apart as an example for the nation