George Barnitz

Intercounty Electric Cooperative - Inducted in 2007

The Barnitz name is synonymous with community service and unflagging commitment to cooperatives.  The family helped form Intercounty Electric in 1935.  As an extension agent, George Barnitz noted socioeconomic differences in areas where cooperatives were strong and where they were not.  George learned first hand what attracted his father to the cooperative form of business - and recognized that he could be an active participant in meeting the needs of his own family farm and those of his neighbors by promoting cooperatives. 


The list of leadership service by George Barnitz to cooperatives is lengthy and unparalleled in his region.  This service includes:  Salem Farmers Exchange - Board of Directors and Executive Committee for 26 years, ten as President; President of the Dent County Livestock Association and of its successor organization; Intercounty Board of Directors for 28 years from 1977-2005, 12 years as President; and Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative Board of Directors for 14 years, two as President.


passion for the cooperative way of business, visionary leadership, and commitment to cooperative youth education