Grover A. Gamm

Northeast Missouri Grain Processors - Inducted in 2010

A trip with his father to the MFA warehouse at Columbia in 1944 made a lasting impression.  It was quite an event for the 17-year-old to have the first rubber tractor tires in the community.  Grover Gamm learned early that goals can be accomplished faster through cooperative efforts. 


Grover Gamm is a visionary, who successfully brings people together to support a common cause.  His commitment, tenacity and passion helped launch a new form of cooperative enterprise.  Whether to serve rural customers with electricity or water, or a cooperative to build an ethanol plant to add value to farmers' corn, Grover is gifted with the qualities of leadership and integrity that others follow.  As chair of the Lewis County Rural Electric Board, he was known for doing what was best, not necessarily what was easiest. 


Grover's co-leaders at Northeast Missouri Grain Processors, the ethanol plant in Macon, recall the early days of trying to get the business off and running.  Grover made many trips to Jefferson City on his own time and expense.  On one such trip, Grover stopped to see Governor Mel Carnahan.  When the Governor's staff asked if he had an appointment, Grover replied that they did not but that it would be OK if he just went in to the Governor's office.  Grover proceeded to walk in to the Governor's office unannounced, telling other NEMO leaders to follow.  Governor Carnahan seemed not at all surprised and happy to see Grover.  A few minutes later they left with Governor Carnahan's full support of their mission. 


Throughout the development of NEMO Grover continued to serve not only as treasurer for NEMO but in elected positions on a number of other cooperatives and associations.  As some of his fellow directors gently note, Grover was obviously well past retirement age but he had youthful energy and enthusiasm for the cooperative.  Grover's legacy of service includes a program he originated called Gamm, Inc. that provides 15 counties in Northeast Missouri with training and work force development. 


Grover Gamm is a true champion of the cooperative movement.  His foresight and wisdom provided critical leadership on the ground floor to build cooperatives that serve real needs.  His leadership provides a successful model to be emulated by others.  NEMO has been touted as a prime example of what an agribusiness should be, what can be done when the right group of people get behind an idea, and with leaders who do not take 'no' for an answer. 


visionary, effective communicator, unwavering enthusiasm for cooperative ventures, tenacity and founding father of new generation cooperatives in Missouri