Gary D. Irwin

FCS Financial— Inducted in 2019

Gary Irwin is a true champion for Missouri agriculture and cooperatives. From an early age, Gary understood that he wanted to pursue a career in agriculture. After college, he began a 40-plus-year journey with the Farm Credit System, helping to make FCS Financial what it is today. He holds not only a tremendous work ethic, but also a strong belief in collaboration and commitment to develop the next generation of leaders.


Gary is well-known and highly respected by his peers in the Farm Credit System. Starting as a trainee, Gary's extensive experience with Farm Credit took him through all facets of the credit delivery process as a loan officer, branch vice president, and numerous senior management positions. Gary's attention to detail and preciseness is unmatched. His recordkeeping in Excel is legendary. Gary is a statistician, relying on data to support project needs and decisions.


With a natural tendency to work toward common ground, Gary is always ready to use humor, even at his own expense, to break tension that might develop during serious discussions.


Among his many endeavors, Gary played a principal role in the development of agricultural scholarship programs for Missouri State University; facilitated Young, Beginning & Small Farmer programs at FCS Financial; led and participated in annual stockholder meetings; managed the building of all new branch offices; and worked in liaison with other Farm Credit associations across the nation. Gary continues to be involved in local and state agricultural programs. He believes that youth and technology go hand-in-hand as the gateway to the future, not only in his home community, rural Vernon County, but also in the state of Missouri.



Unwavering belief in the cooperative movement, exemplary devotion to developing tomorrow's leaders