Gary W. Wrye

FCS Financial— Inducted in 2020

Gary Wyre has roots deep in agriculture. Raised on a grain and livestock farm near Barnett, Missouri, he knew at a young age he wanted a career in agriculture. After earning a master's degree in agriculture and biology, Gary joined the Farm Credit System and devoted his entire life to the agricultural community.


Gary was a firm believer in the Farm Credit System, working with customers in good and bad economic times. He was not only a trusted employee but an advocate for farmer-customers. Even during the worst of the 1980s farm crisis, customers respected Gary and depended on his help. By word-of-mouth, Gary's honesty and integrity brought new members into the Farm Credit System.


Gary's commitment to his rural community in Audrain County was as strong as his dedication to farmers. He was deeply involved in local organizations and passionate about supporting youth in agriculture. Gary gave generously of his time, including educating FFA members on how to understanding financial documents, helping young farmers improve profitability, and as a welding instructor for 4-H. He was a judge for MFA scholarships, and he actively participated in a wide range of fundraising activities for numerous organizations, including MU Extension, Missouri Pork Producers and Missouri Cattleman, as well as the cystic fibrosis hoof-a-thon trail ride.


Gary has been a diligent voice for agricultural cooperatives, farmers and future leaders. His natural leadership and generosity made a lasting impact on his state and community.



Trusted advisor, generous community leader, farmer advocate and cooperative champion