Herman Vestal

Webster Electric - Inducted in 2008

Herman Vestal was one of twelve shareholders that met on September 19, 1945 to form Webster Electric Cooperative. Herman went on to serve on the board of directors for 56 years.


Herman was a man of vision. In the early 1940s he began to study the possibilities of having electricity for Marshfield and the immediate rural area. His discussion inspired others to show interest in the possibility. Herman gave generously of his time, devoting day after day to visit each farm to convince potential members to part with the $5 membership fee. Herman knew it would take time, but at each farm he would get so excited again in telling about the opportunity and benefit of becoming a member of Webster Electric, that his own commitment to form the cooperative strengthened.


Herman never took the remarkable cooperative form of organization for granted. In more than fifty years of service as a board director, Herman missed only three board meetings -- twice he was in the hospital and once there was confusion because the date of the meeting had been changed. The cooperative's business always took priority.  Herman's dedication is a high bar for current cooperative directors to emulate.


Herman's vision, devotion and dedication turned ideas in to reality and improved the electricity life style of rural Americans. The cooperative Herman helped co-found now serves over 18,000 members. Few of whom can imagine a life without electricity.


extraordinary leadership, vision, enthusiasm, and tireless advocacy to bring the benefits of cooperative membership to his community