Homer A. Young

Consumers Cooperative Association, Farmland Industries - Inducted in 2009

From his earliest days of cooperative employment as an MFA field man, Homer Young's calling was to convince farmers of the economic benefit in cooperative patronage.  From this modest beginning, Homer Young rose to the highest executive leadership positions in one of the largest and most progressive regional farm supply and marketing cooperatives. 


Homer Young believed strongly in cooperative principles and was a successful salesman of cooperative ideals during the years when there was little to sell but an idea.  Homer Young had an astonishing ability to command an audience.  He was at his best in the field conducting local meetings and organizing cooperatives. 


During his tenure as CEO, Farmland began to reach its potential as a diversified cooperative.  Expansion into the production of farm inputs made the member cooperatives less dependent on outside sources for raw materials and products.  His vision of greater prosperity for agriculture through cooperation was loud and clear. 


Homer Young stands in the front rank of those pioneer cooperative leaders who through vision, hard work and dedication made the dream of greater prosperity for agriculture through farmer-owned enterprises a reality for America's farmers and ranchers. 


pioneer spirit, vision, decisive leadership, passion for the cooperative system, integrity