Jerry Divin

Southwest Electric Cooperative - Inducted in 2006

Jerry Divin's interest and appreciation for the cooperative way of doing business started early.  It was instilled by his father, Ben, who was very supportive of the local MFA and involved in the early formative years of Southwest Electric Cooperative. 


Jerry began his career with Southwest Electric Cooperative in 1967 and was named general manager in 1982.  Jerry has risen to the pinnacle of both sides of the electric cooperative system in Missouri, serving as president of the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives and also on the board of Associated Electric.  When critical decisions are required in the Missouri REC program, Jerry Divin is at the table. 


As a member of the Missouri State Fair Commission, Jerry led the way in forging relationships between the fair and corporate partners.  He was instrumental in facilitating the process that resulted in the Missouri Electric Cooperatives building - a key service area for media representatives that allows cooperatives to put their best foot forward.


visionary leadership; distinguished service to cooperatives, to his state and community; and as a lifelong believer in the cooperative way of business