Jim Edwards

Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers— Inducted in 2016

Jim Edwards exemplifies strong commitment to community betterment. His selfless service, thoughtful leadership and generous support of a wide range of community organizations demonstrate his exceptional character and wisdom. Jim is always willing to step up and approach difficult situations with foresight and thoughtfulness. He is driven by a determination for a positive outcome. Jim does his homework, goes the extra mile to weigh both sides of every issue and makes careful decisions.


Jim views the cooperative as a way to increase the value members receive for their production, a means to improve services for farmers, and a resource to help farmers manage and meet the ever-changing market conditions. Jim has served on the Ray-Carroll board for 24 years, as Secretary, Vice President and now as President. In this role he ensures that all board members have their views and ideas heard.


Jim is an extremely effective communicator with both management and members. He is always looking for opportunities for Ray-Carroll to grow, while adding value to current members' equity. He does all this without forgetting the values and importance of existing members. Jim sets high expectations for himself and for those around him. He successfully combines unique skills. He is a team player, pays attention to detail, shows enthusiasm for service and is passionate about guiding the cooperative to strong performance that benefits the entire community. The results of Jim's efforts and talents are evident in the rapid growth and superior performance of Ray-Carroll during his tenure on the board.


Jim earns high praise and esteem from fellow board members. Directors respect Jim for his common sense and ethical approach, his skill in making certain all board members participate in decisions, as well as his depth of business knowledge. Jim has the talent of instilling the value of cooperatives in those around him, particularly new board members and those new to the cooperative system. His leadership has fostered a highly functioning, engaged board. Ray-Carroll and farmers in the trade area are stronger as a result of Jim's board service. He is a true cooperator.


In addition to the Ray-Carroll board, Jim has served on LLC boards that Ray-Carroll has a significant ownership in, including Show Me Ethanol and Farmers Grain Terminal. Previously, Jim served on the boards of Brunswick Dalton Drainage District, Keytesville R-3 School, Keytesville Medical Clinic, Chariton County Fair and Chariton County Cattlemen. Jim is also a member of Farmers Electric Cooperative.


Jim has given countless hours to leadership, service, community and cooperatives.


True cooperative spirit; integrity; active board engagement; effective communicator; trusted, civic-minded leader; dedicated member service