Janice Schuerman

MFA Incorporated - Inducted in 2015

Janice Schuerman dedicated 45 years of service to Missouri cooperatives. She has consistently risen through the ranks at MFA Incorporated through skill, attitude and performance. Time and again, Janice is the person to whom CEOs naturally turn. Janice is frequently the one asked to implement new educational programs, undertake innovative leadership development endeavors or oversee special projects. 


In the late 1980s, the MFA board asked management to develop a cooperative education program aimed at MFA’s members, in part to cultivate future directors. Janice was selected to develop the program that is known today as Leadership Corps. Janice researched programs at other cooperatives and businesses, developed a strategy, drew up the curriculum and launched an education program that has provided leadership experiences for more than 460 individuals. Janice’s foresight focused the program on farm couples, since women are highly active in farming and ranching operations. Graduates of the program have served all of agriculture, not only on the MFA Incorporated Board but also on other cooperative boards, including farm credit and rural utility cooperatives. Others have been elected to the Missouri House and Senate as well as commodity group leadership and community organizations ranging from school boards to soil and water districts.  


Janice began in the data-entry department and quickly rose to supervisor.  She focused on fundamentals of hiring and supervising in order to limit turn over. Her successful efforts caught the attention of executives in human resources who offered her a job as a recruiter. From there she became manager of human resources, next she served as vice president of administrative services and then vice president of corporate and member services. In 1996, because of her unique talents and ability to focus on details, then President B.L. Frew assigned her to manage the project of building MFA’s new home office. She accomplished that project “on time and on budget”.  Soon after, she was named senior vice president of corporate and member services. More recently, Janice orchestrated MFA’s 100th Anniversary celebration including the creation and dedication of MFA’s Century Plaza.


Janice focused intensely over her career on improving people and processes at MFA. She has been instrumental in training the membership on cooperative issues and offering leadership development. She provided MFA with a highly trained work force, personally recruited many of the individuals who proved instrumental to MFA’s success and also kept MFA on the cutting edge of benefits programs.   


Janice is active in community service as a Rotarian, Chamber Ambassador, as well as a member of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association. In addition, she is a highly successful small business owner.


innovative leadership development programs; strong advocate for membership education; masterful in details and results; effective spokesperson for agriculture and cooperatives