Jerry Taylor

MFA Oil Company - Inducted in 2015


As CEO of MFA Oil Company from 2003 to 2014, Jerry Taylor led the cooperative through a period of unprecedented growth. During his tenure as CEO, assets doubled and equity more than tripled with no long-term debt at the time of his retirement. In his last ten years as CEO, net profit after tax exceeded $295 million, including profitability in every year. A significant portion of the earnings returned to the member-patrons, improving their financial condition. In short, Jerry’s leadership as CEO positioned MFA Oil well strategically and financially.


Jerry’s exceptional insights and understanding of retail businesses helped the cooperative diversify, developing new non-member business activities to support the core member business.  Jerry was instrumental in the success of Break Time Convenience stores, Jiffy Lube and Big O Tire, under the MFA Oil umbrella, to deliver more benefits to members.


Jerry joined the cooperative world mid-career. He served as a consultant from 1982 to 1988, joining MFA Oil in 1988 as an employee. He had a real appreciation for the benefits of the cooperative business model. He learned the ways the cooperative model’s differences from other business structures could be an advantage.  Jerry demonstrated how to succeed in the retail space without compromising cooperative principles. In fact, he showed the opposite. By growing non-member business, the cooperative’s ability to serve members was enhanced. 

Early in Jerry’s MFA Oil career, he was asked to attend a meeting of local delegates to discuss MFA Oil’s pricing strategy for fuel as the delegates thought the prices were too high.  Jerry was called to meeting mid-afternoon on a Friday, with the expectation he would be at the meeting within 2 hours even though it was a 2 and one-half hour drive. He made it to the meeting, settled the crowd…then stayed overnight due to a snowstorm.


Instrumental in the development of the biodiesel, ethanol and biomass industries, Jerry was a tireless supporter of renewable energy. His endeavors led to recognition as a Champion of Change in 2012 by the White House.


Jerry led by example and empowered those who worked for him. His deep faith and personal values contributed to the culture throughout the company.  Jerry believed in cooperative education. He served on the boards of the Missouri Institute of Cooperatives (MIC) and the Graduate Institute of Cooperative Leadership (GICL). During Jerry’s tenure as President of MIC, he strengthened the relationship with the University of Missouri.


In addition to his duties at MFA Oil, Jerry served on the boards of Mid-America Biofuels, the National Cooperative Refinery Association (NCRA), the Missouri LP Association, Missouri Petroleum Marketers Association as well as a number of community and civic organizations including Boy Scouts, Landmark Bank and Veterans United.


champion of cooperative principles, cooperative education and renewable energy; expertise with retain enterprises; led through example and empowerment; exceptional community and civic service