A. Jay Turner

Boone Electric Cooperative, Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives — Inducted in 2020

Jay Turner is a model cooperative director. Jay always has the best interests of cooperative members at heart. He gives generously in time and leadership across the cooperative spectrum to represent Boone Electric and Missouri.


As director for Boone Electric Cooperative for 39 years, including seven years as president, and as an officer for the AMEC board, including a term as president, Jay is one of the strongest believers in the cooperative business model. He embraced continuous learning as essential to his governance role. Jay was one of the first electric cooperative directors in Missouri to achieve Director Certification status. He encouraged others to follow his example. Missouri became one of the leading states in the number of certified directors.


Jay supported legislation that allowed Boone Electric and the City of Columbia to set territories, which resulted in tremendous savings over the previous duplication of lines. It provided greater safety for employees of both systems. Since then, similar agreements have been signed between cooperatives, municipals and investor-owned utilities across Missouri, saving consumers millions of dollars and protecting the safety of those working on the lines.


A strong proponent of political action on behalf of cooperatives and rural people, Jay was the first to join the Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE), a national political action committee.


Jay provided support to a wide range of community projects from the Boone County Fair to the creation of a pop-up park as a community revitalization centerpiece to taking a local sewer and water district under the cooperative's wings until these organizations were able to stand on their own.


Jay's example and numerous "firsts" make him a monumental leader in Missouri's cooperative movement.



Educator, advocate, innovative community leader, a model director—a true believer in cooperatives