Meredith Kapp

Farm Credit Services of Western Missouri, Farm Credit Services of Missouri — Inducted in 2020

Meredith Kapp strongly believes in the competitive value and expertise that cooperatives provide members.


When Meredith started farming in 1972, he became a member-owner in the Farm Credit system. In 1985, Meredith was elected as a board member for the Production Credit Association. Over the next three decades, as Farm Credit organizations consolidated, Meredith continued to serve as a board director, including a 10-year term as board chair for Farm Credit Services of Western Missouri.


Meredith's leadership on the board and services as chairman helped the organization move forward at a time when other financial institutions struggled to remain viable. He helped guide the merger of two prominent farm credit institutions that became Farm Credit Services of Missouri. Farm Credit Services of Missouri grew to be virtually a statewide association with $1.1 billion in combined assets and became the predecessor to FCS Financial. Today, FCS serves 13,000 member-owners with over $4.4 billion in loan volume and has returned over $120 million in patronage refunds to member-owners. Meredith also served from 2002-2012 on the board of AgriBank, FCB, a national wholesale provider of funds for local farm credit associations.


Meredith worked tirelessly to advocate the cooperative way of business. A loan officer for a competitor of Farm Credit, who frequently asked Meredith for his business, acknowledges Meredith's strong belief in the cooperative system. That belief, said the loan officer, contributed to the loan officer's decision to leave the local bank and join FCS Financial.


Meredith's outstanding record representing farmers, his vision and accomplishments resulted in a stronger and highly respected farm credit system—an association that continues to benefit Missouri agriculture.



Unwavering belief in cooperative principles, visionary leadership, model representative on behalf of local farmers