O.B. Clark

Co-Mo-Electric Cooperative
Central Electric Power
Associated Electric Cooperative - Inducted in 2010

O.B. Clark exemplifies what cooperative leadership should be, with one of the longest and most storied director careers in Missouri's rural electric cooperatives.  Few have served on so many boards and in so many leadership roles from local oversight to national spokesman on cooperative issues.  O.B. served on the boards of Co-Mo Electric, Central Electric Power, M&A Power, KAMO Power, Associated Electric, the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives and the Missouri Institute of Cooperatives.  He served as president of the Co-Mo, Central and Associated boards. 


First elected to Co-Mo's Board in 1973, O.B. employed his frugal, conservative philosophy in support of cooperatives for 36 years.  As a director, O.B. was a rare breed, not likely to be seen again in the cooperative movement.  He proved to be equally at home discussing co-op issues with members in the coffee shop or with investment bankers on Wall Street.  O.B. possessed a common sense approach that would be his hallmark whenever he represented Missouri's electric cooperatives. 


He was always willing to step up and assume the role of spokesman for the cooperatives he served.  Often the position he was called on to explain was not popular, yet O.B. never shied from the task.  O.B. firmly believed that cooperative members, when presented with the facts, would make the same decision as the board.  He never backed away from controversial topics.  O.B. challenged governors, CEOs of rival utilities, politicians and extremists who stood in the way of the best interests of rural people.  Somehow he remained a gentleman through countless heated discussions, never burning bridges that would later be needed. 


By example he showed others how to be effective and responsible board members.  Fellow directors and cooperative CEOs express their admiration for O.B.'s commitment and hard work on behalf of member owners.  His wisdom and fair-minded approach underpinned his talent and expertise at bringing board members together to do great things for the members he served. 


O.B. was always at his best when making decisions that benefitted member owners.  O.B. Clark will always be remembered as a monumental leader, a giant, a legend in Missouri's cooperative movement. 


exemplary board leadership, gifted statesmanship, effective spokesman, and unwavering commitment to member owners