P.D. Kircher

Osage Valley Electric Cooperative - Inducted in 2013


P.D. Kircher is a life-long farmer and cooperative member. A director of Osage Valley Electric Cooperative for the past 36 years, he has served as president since 1997. At Osage Electric, he introduced and helped implement the Osage Valley Community Trust Round Up Program in 1993. By rounding member’s bills up to the next dollar, more than $1 million has been distributed to help persons who face difficult circumstances. Also, under P.D.’s leadership Osage Valley converted outstanding loans to NRUCFC financing, saving the cooperative membership over $5,000,000.


For over 30 years P.D. has represented Osage Valley on the KAMO Power Board of Trustees. During his tenure P.D. has served as secretary, vice president, and president of the KAMO Board.  As president he accomplished the unthinkable – he helped erase a longstanding division within the KAMO boardroom – a division along the state line between Missouri and Oklahoma. He was the force in uniting the two states to provide a cooperative foundation for tremendous growth of KAMO. With P.D.’s leadership, in 1998, all of KAMO’s power supply arrangement moved to Associated Electric Cooperative in Springfield, Mo. Previously the power supply had been split along state lines. As a result of P.D.’s legendary focus on the “bottom line,” the move led to $220 million in savings for KAMO’s 17 distribution cooperatives over 10 years. 


P.D. is a strong supporter of director certification programs. Through NRECA he completed director education programs to earn a CCD Certificate. He is adamant about the importance of cooperative education for boards and employees.  


P.D.’s fellow directors respect his integrity, ethics, and courage. P.D. never backs away from controversial topics. He is willing to challenge governors, CEOs, politicians, extremists – anyone who stands in the way of the best interests of rural people. He is highly sought as an effective spokesperson on behalf of cooperatives, frequently representing the grass roots in conversations with leaders in state capitols and Washington, D.C.  In 2003, P.D. received the A.C. Burrows Service Award for outstanding contributions to rural electrification from the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives.


In addition to leadership roles at Osage Valley, KAMO and AMEC, P.D. also served on MFA Incorporated’s Board from 1981-1985; as a Cass County delegate for MFA Oil from 1970-1978 and on the Missouri State Milk Board from 1981-1985.  P.D. shares generously of his time and leadership to benefit his church, Boy Scouts and the Harrisonville School District. 


P. D. Kircher is famous in the Osage Valley and KAMO boardrooms by his constant, simple insistence, “What is the bottom line?” His question is all encompassing for the cooperative.  P.D.’s focus never strays. It is always, all and only, about the members.

The bottom line, “No one is a stronger advocate for the cooperative form of business than P.D. Kircher.”


a true warrior in promoting cooperatives; ability to focus on the bottom line; integrity; talent for finding unity in purpose; advocate for rural citizens; and 36 years of outstanding board leadership