Randy Mooney

Dairy Farmers of America - Inducted in 2018


Randy Mooney has distinguished himself as an effective, engaged, endearing and respected cooperative leader. First with Mid America Dairymen and now as Board Chair of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), the nation's largest dairy cooperative, Randy has been re-elected by his peers at the grassroots level continuously for 30 years. Randy worked to bring singular purpose to a national organization full of diversity and heterogeneity.


With an extensive family history of farming in Missouri, Randy is not one to sit on the sidelines of innovation. On his dairy farm, Randy and Jan Mooney were early adopters of a pasture management system. The Mooney’s continue to adapt and grow the size of their dairy herd through improvement in pasture, soil and water quality.


Randy was the first dairy farmer to be appointed to the dairy-processor funded MILK PEP promotion board by the US Department of Agriculture Secretary. Similarly, multiple Missouri governors have appointed him to the Missouri State Milk Board. Meeting with dairy farmers across the country, Randy created meaningful dairy program reform in the 2014 Farm Bill. He worked tirelessly to bring together producers, cooperatives, processors and legislators. He played a crucial role in uniting the industry.


To keep the dairy industry stable for generations to come, Randy provides an outspoken voice for the importance of global markets and the need to stay at the forefront of innovation. He has been directly involved in establishing international markets, relationships and business ventures with international dairy cooperatives and processors.


From 1988 to 1998, Randy was a Mid-America Dairymen board director. He served as chairman of DFA Southeast Area Council from 2001 to 2010 and became Chair of the DFA Board in 2010. In his ninth year as chairman of the National Milk Producers Federation, Randy is elected each year by vote of leaders from dairy cooperatives nationwide.


Randy is passionate about learning the facts and understanding the needs of all involved parties. On many occasions, he has solidified, unified, engaged and improved cooperative performance, working tirelessly on behalf of all dairy farmers, regardless of cooperative or organization affiliation. He is gifted in using his knowledge and goodwill to bridge differences, to reach consensus and find solutions to achieve common goals. Randy values people. He acts with honesty and integrity, encouraging producers to get involved in their cooperative and to ask questions.


Dairy farmers and their cooperatives across the nation are stronger and more effective in policy debate due to Randy's wisdom and service.



Progressive innovator, unmatched enthusiasm, passion for collaboration, tireless advocate on behalf of farmers and cooperatives