Ralph Schallert

MFA Oil Company — Inducted in 2020

Ralph Schallert has always been co-op minded. From a young age, Ralph bought his feed from MFA Incorporated and fuel from MFA Oil Company. He has represented fellow farmers from his local bulk plant in Southwest Missouri for the better part of a century as a delegate for MFA Oil Company and on the MFA Oil Board of Directors for 15 years, including a term as Vice-Chair.


Ralph believes strongly in the cooperative principles. He values working together to seek the best results for the group. Ralph has been a strong farmer-leader who looked for ways to maximize the return of value to the co-op's member-owners.


Ralph carefully considered each vote as an MFA Oil director. He came prepared to make decisions based on what he believed would be most beneficial to the cooperative and farmers. Ralph took the time to talk with the members and used their feedback to look for win-win situations. Ralph played a meaningful role in guiding significant developments at MFA Oil from 2003 to 2018, including approving dozens of acquisitions that grew the company's annual sales volume by more than 100 million gallons.


Ralph strives to support MFA Oil in any way he can. He has a passion for lending a helping hand and is known for visiting friends, neighbors and cooperative associates to offer his support. He often visits his local MFA Oil office to check on the employees and see if there is anything he can do to help them.


Ralph's dedication to the cooperative has never wavered. He remains an active participant in the cooperative process as a delegate, even following his retirement from the MFA Oil Board.



Dedicated to cooperative principles, concern for farmers, willingness to lend a hand