Steve Davis

Dairy Farmers of America - Inducted in 2011

In his position as Manager, Ozark Region for Dairy Farmers of America, Steve Davis takes farmers' needs to heart and puts much thought and concern into every decision.  He solves problems and challenges with a common sense approach. In his own words, Steve's philosophy is straightforward, clear and powerful, "Every morning when I get up, I come to work to market members' milk."


 Noted for his remarkable ability to find ways to cut costs, Steve contributes to member and cooperative profit. He coordinates with customers, haulers, regulators and field representatives to help DFA members market their products in the most efficient manner and to maximize member returns. He collaborates with DFA directors, council representatives and district leaders to insure member's needs are cared for.


 Tireless in pursuit of opportunities for individual and cooperative success, Steve strongly believes in the cooperative enterprise and strives to serve all members regardless of operational size. Steve seeks and acts on every opportunity to do the right thing. The DFA cooperative family is held in high esteem through Steve's dedicated service and integrity.



passion for marketing milk; exemplary respect for farmer members; common sense; integrity; tireless dedication; and belief in the strength of the cooperative system