William Davis

Gascosage Electric Cooperative - Inducted in 2005

Bill Davis has been a dedicated supporter of the Rural Electrification Program and cooperatives for more than 50 years.  Through a positive and enthusiastic attitude, Bill serves as a beacon of light to his peers. 

Bill's service to cooperatives began as a cooperative employee in 1951.  When he "retired" after 40 years of employee service, Bill immediately began to serve the cooperative in another capacity as a board director from 1991 to 2005.  During his tenure as President of the Board of Gascosage Electric Cooperative, Bill's leadership was instrumental in increasing the size of the membership by 15%, with more than 1200 new accounts.  In addition, Bill has been a tireless supporter of the adoption of new technological advances to improve quality and productivity.  He is a strong advocate for the cooperative to provide college scholarships to help the membership improve their quality of life.  In addition to his service on the local board, Bill also served for nine years on both the Sho-Me Electric Board and the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives Board.


dedicated support for the Rural Electrification Program and as a beacon of light to his peers