William (Bill) Siebenborn

Dairy Farmers of America - Inducted in 2011


Respected for his business skills, creativity, ability to ask thought-provoking questions, hard work, and integrity, Bill Siebenborn has served dairy producers for more than 30 years as their representative on the corporate boards of Mid-America Dairymen and Dairy Farmers of America. Bill is also valued as a good listener and for his wisdom.


As a young dairyman, Bill was first elected to the division board in 1981, and later was elected to the corporate board for Mid-Am, where he served as Vice President. Upon DFA's inception in 1999, Bill was elected to the corporate board and was the first to chair the Central Area Council.  Bill continues to serve on DFA's corporate board, currently as Vice Chair, and on the area council.


Bill welcomes opportunities to make a difference and shares his time and talents with a variety of organizations. First-appointed to the Missouri State Milk Board in 1995 he has continuously served on the Milk Board since that time, with re-appointment by gubernatorial administrations from both parties. In addition, Bill is chair of the United Dairy Industry Association and a board member for the National Milk Producers Federation, Roberts Dairy Board, Midwest Dairy Association, and Dairy Management, Inc.

In his leadership roles Bill embraces all aspects to contribute to the success of the dairy industry including dairy management practices, cost cutting and efficiency, milk quality, innovating to meet customers' needs, and capital investment for the future.

Cooperatives, dairy producers, agriculture and rural Missouri have a true champion in Bill. Peers in the dairy industry respect his business savvy, but most important are also proud to call him a friend and mentor.




passion for leadership and service; business savvy; ability to ask thought-provoking questions; dedicated, elected representative of fellow dairy producers for more than 30 years; a true champion of cooperatives